Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter 236- September 14, 1945

September 14, 1945
(Derdingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,
This is the 3rd attempt on my part to write this letter. Let’s hope there are no more interruptions. Today I got 2 letters from you, Dad, which were postmarked on the 4th and 6th of the month. Pretty good but the questions that you asked made me wonder about something. You asked several questions that I know I’ve answered in the past. Also you complained that you were receiving only one letter a week from me. I kept track of the number of stamps I had used up until Sept. 1 over a months period of time and it totaled 12. That’s 3 a week on the average. The other fellows are also claiming that something’s wrong since one fellow who habitually has written a letter a night says only two or 3 a week have arrived in the States. Likewise the mail has not been coming in here. Over the 4 day period that I was in the hospital this company of 260 men received exactly 12 letters. Today mail was normal but there was no great pile. I don’t know but from now on I’ll number all my letters and I won’t forget it.

Big things have been popping while I’ve been away. I’m probably spending my last week in the 100th Div. With only 39 points as of V-E Day I’m scheduled for Occupation. That’s that. The 100th is going home sometime soon but nearly all its personnel is going like me elsewhere. Thirty men have been alerted to move Monday morning to the 29th Div. up in Bremen and there’s another list coming out that day and I expect to be on it. I seem to hold a very unfortunate position over here now and it’s up to the people at home whether we come home eventually or stay here and rot. I know what the army brass wants and it’s up to everyone at home to do what can be done.

If I must stay here I’d like to get a job of some sort in which I’d be doing something worthwhile. We’re all in a terrible mental state now.

I received your latest package today and it sure is goo –fruit cake, peanut butter, olives, etc. It sure takes the edge off the old appetite.

We’re going to use the German book in our class, but with things now it doesn’t make much difference.

You keep asking about Christmas packages but I don’t know what to say. In all probability I’ll still be in the E.T.O. Christmas but I can’t be sure.

That’s all for now. Retreat in 15 minutes.

Best Love,

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