Sunday, July 4, 2010

Letter 244- October 5, 1945

October 5, 1945
(Ober-Derdingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad, I’ve been putting off writing now for 2 days trying to get somebody around here to believe that I’m entitled to wear the Expert Infantry Rifleman’s badge, but now it’s done so that’s it. I hope their satisfied. They should be. I’ve gone to enough trouble.

Everybody’s leaving the outfit—that is except me. Everybody above 50 points and everybody below 44. We had 273 men in the company only 3 weeks ago. After Friday I doubt that we’ll have 73—period. It seems that all the old gang is going or gone. It was a swell crowd and I’m sorry to see the last of it. Anyway it’s a happy parting.

My buddy, Dye, Hubert Dye to be exact, will be about the only one left. He’s from Cal. We have a lot in common. Only men in the 45 to 59 point category will stay and many of us may go to work in Redeployment Centers.

That’s about all for now.

Best Love,

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