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Letter 249- October 23, 1945

October 23, 1945
(Vailhingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Well, I’m back at the motor pool in Vailingen after a rather eventful week in Stuttgart. On Saturday I drove the fellows down to Ulm to cover the football game between the 100th and 36th Div. T—for Texas. It was a good game and we won 7-6. When we came out my jeep was gone despite the fact that I’d left it in a guarded area and removed both the distributor rotor and rotary coil wire. Some nerve, huh? A guy lost one the week before and now must pay $900. I’m in the clear, however. Thank God. I took all the cautions—precautions that is, and I have an officer’s word to prove it.

I’m still with the division but I don’t think it can be for long. I just don’t have enough points to stay with the division. The 100th is supposed to set sail on December 5 for the states but it is supposed to take only men with 55-62 points so –draw your own conclusions.

I haven’t had any mail from you for several days now so I’ve been wondering if you’ve received my package yet? No?

I’m still trying to get a pass to Switzerland, I hope. From there I can call you on the telephone. No such luck I guess.

This Europe stinks. I’m sure getting fed up with it all. I dream about home more and more these days. I want to get back to school too. The other day I sat down and thought it over. The only business that I really know is the fine art of human extermination. That is one helluva purpose in life, and I’d hate to go out of the world with that as my sole accomplishment. You asked recently in a letter if I want to return to school. You can bet your boots I do.

I’m sending you a couple more “Sons of Bitche” cards. I’m going to mount one of them in a glass picture holder and set it on my desk when I get home. Good idea, huh?

Yesterday the weather was lousy but today the sun’s trying to come out. I hope tomorrow is a nice day again. Nothing dampens my morale like bad weather.

Ahh! One of the boys just brought in 3 letters from you so I’ll read them now.

I’ve finished the one you wrote Oct. 4, Dad. I’m glad you saw G.I. Joe. True it was a little dull but it was true also that it wasn’t colored up by Hollywood. That sort of thing doesn’t make a good picture. The action shots of that picture were of the 143rd Inf, 36th Div. at San Pietro, Italy. They’re located just south of here now and are quite proud about it. They’re a damn good outfit.

The stuff about Betty and Red Menkin are quite interesting. He always impressed me as awfully irresponsible and the breaks that he’s had during the war won’t help to straighten him out either. I met Red’s mother once but that was quite enough. I think she’s a jerk.

You said it that that 24 grand won’t be hard to take. I ain’t the least bit allergic to money.

Now I’ll read your letters of Oct. 7th and 8. So you say Elaine’s new husband neither smokes nor drinks. If I were her husband I’d stay plastered all the time.

Well, I guess that’s about all for today. I think there’s going to be a good dinner this noon so I better get washed up.

Best Love,

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