Monday, July 19, 2010

Letter 250- October 26, 1945

October 26, 1945
Vailhingen, Germany

Dear Mudder and Dad,

It’s been several days since I’ve written to you and unfortunately I haven’t received any mail from you in the time since then. It appears that there’s quite a mail tie-up over here. The army claims that high priority passengers have been bumping our mail off planes bound for the states. Undoubtedly these high priority passengers are a bunch of political bums that should have stayed home in the first place or maybe Elliot’s over here sending livestock home on class “1” priority. I don’t know but it’s a pain anyway.

There’s really not much to write about. They want me to go to Stuttgart again tomorrow but they can go to hell. I’ll be damned if I’ll take on a $1500.00 responsibility again with Jeep thieves as numerous and very crafty. In the army proof that I have taken all precautions against theft will work once but not twice.

I went to the movies tonight as I do practically every night and saw “Along Came Jones” with Gary Cooper. I thought the picture dragged a little and that the plot was a little confused, but for once the cowboy hero was a little slow on the draw. In fact he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn so that was something. I had to stop writing a minute ago and chase a drunk out of the motor pool. What a life!

The weather here is getting colder every day there was a lot of wind all day today and the sky partially cloudy this morning. All in all it was not a good day and I don’t like it. These “open air Cadillacs” are no fun to drive in bad weather.

This hasn’t been much of a letter but under the circumstances it’s the best I can do.

Best Love,

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