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Letter 251- October 29, 1945

October 29, 1945
Vailhingen, Germany

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I sure don’t feel like writing tonight but I do owe you a letter so here goes. It’s about 10:30 now and I’m on C.Q. again (Charge of quarters) at the motor pool until 2:00am. It’s a lonely job but I can at least get the time to write.

God! Has it been dead and lonely around here. Up until today there’s been some 200 men left in our entire bn. and that’s counting the men on Detached Service and on pass. There are 7 men present at A Co., 23 at B Co. and so forth. Ten weeks ago there were 1600 men in the battalion. I eat at D Co mess, and whereas we use to stand in line ½ hour or more for chow now it’s over in about 2 minutes.

There’s been a new point reorganization again, however; and we’re getting a lot of men back from the 12 Armored Div. and the 36th. The 100th. is now supposed to go home with men between 56 and 65 points. You’ll note that there ain’t no 47 points in there anywhere. Boy, do I get griped occasionally! Over 2 years in the army, 16 months overseas, 6 months combat and only 47 points. Phfttt!

My vanity is sure a hurtin’ these days. I know it isn’t really important but sometimes I sure wish I had an arm load of stripes or a chest load of medals to bring home with me so you could be proud. Just P.F.C. Taylor with no honors, no rank. I know I did my share and maybe more but wonder what others will think. The Infantryman sure has a hard, thankless task in war. Don’t think it’s got me down though. If anyone ever says anything I’ll kill ‘em with a glance.

You speak of having received my letters of Oct. 6 & 9 but you haven’t mentioned my letter with the O.K on my Expert Rifleman’s badge and so forth. If that letter’s lost after all the trouble I’ve had getting it signed there’ll be dead mail clerks from here to Le Harve and back.

Well this has been a sad sack of a letter but I guess the old thinker is about through for the day so…….

Best Love,

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