Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letter 248- October 19, 1945

October 19, 1945
(Stuttgart, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Things have really been hopping along for the last few days since I’ve been driving for the “Century Sentinel”. The other day there was a very important meeting of the military governors of all Germany here and somehow AP, UP & INS slipped up so we had the only newspaperman attending the conference. Lt. Gen. Lucius Clay was there (Mil. Gov. of American occupied Germany and Gen. Eisenhower’s deputy). Also present were a mess of 2 and 3 star generals and Mr. Robt. Murphy¹, U.S. Ambassador so to speak to Germany. I looked like a bum—dirty clothes and unshaven but you should have seen them fall all over us—the power of the press you know. We talked to Murphy. He seemed a pretty nice old gink. The whole thing was quite a feather in the cap of O’Connor, the editor of the Sentinel. He used to be Foreign News Editor for N.B.C. Chicago. I’m only a driver but with my press card they thought I might be somebody so they leaned over backward to be nice to me.

Right now I would volunteer to stay in the army long enough to do one more thing. That’s to go and kick the living daylights out of Argentina. I’d like to see us do it now before we’re demobilized. That Peron and his army clique I would take care of in about 3 days. We spent 3 ½ years licking the big Fascheats (how do you spell it?). Now I suppose we’re going to sit around and let those 2 for a nickel Nazilands, Spain and Argentina lord it around. Phooey!

That about does it.

Best Love,

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