Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Letter 245- October 6, 1945

October 6, 1945
(Derdingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Ye Olde 100th. Inf.Division has been alerted and placed in category 4 which means home and deactivation. What’s more important is that I’m scheduled to stay with the Division. Evidently it’s not close out force for me and shipment home much sooner than I expected. I’m still liable for closeout duty being under 50 points in score but as a Rifleman I’m pretty safe. My idea about “not knowing nutin” seems to be bearing fruit.

At any rate, the date at which we are supposed to clear the 7th Army area is Dec. 15. That means that by Jan. 15 I should be on the high seas. The paper states that there’s a very, very, very slim chance we could be in the states by Christmas.

Now this is strictly on the O.T. but Major Young, our old Company commander, who is now in the 6th Corps G2 which of course Intelligence, says that at the present rates of movement we will actually leave this area between Nov. 11 & 17. That means I could be in the states on Christmas and home possibly for New Years. Don’t count on anything, but it looks pretty damn good; and even at worst it’s going to be far better than what I counted on.

I received a letter from you today, Dad, and when you mentioned my numbering my letters I thought, oh, oh! The last 3 letters I’ve written had no numbers—what a memory!

Oh! I wish I was a moron

I wouldn’t give a damn.

Oh! I wish I was a moron

My God! Maybe I am.

So Elaine got married, huh? God have mercy on the poor sap of a groom. The first time he sees her without the war paint she’ll be a widow.

About the boxes—I haven’t received the last 2 yet, Sept. 6, Sept. 12, but that’s only natural.

By the way I bought a bottle of parfum for you Mudder. It’s a small bottle made by Ary’s, Paris, and is called Caresse Infinie. As far as I know it could be cabbage juice.

That’s all.

Best Love,

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